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What color is your flat rate?

Benefit from a very small flat fee, which allows you unlimited travel in the island area you choose for a month.

There are 6 new electronic monthly tickets, which allow travel by tram and bus.

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Vía-Móvil is a new application to make travelling on the tram easier and more economical.

Vía-Móvil allows you to buy and validate your ticket, so that now fares and special offers adapt to your travel needs.

With Vía-mövil you can buy your ticket at any time of the day and anywhere….. , and all of this using a completely safe payment method.

With Vía-Móvil you’ll even be able to buy tickets for other people by depositing money in their virtual wallet.

Even more, you’ll have all the latest information you need about the service on hand.

Registering with Vía-Móvil is very simple. You can register in two ways.

Using the navigator on any device, register on the web site app.via-movil.es.

On your mobile phone, download the application “Vía-Móvil” from Apple Store or Google Play and simply enter an e-mail address and password, then you can enjoy all the advantages of travelling with Vía-Móvil.

To buy on Vía-Móvil, you have to make a deposit in the virtual account of your virtual account. You can make a deposit safely on the mobile application itself, or on a computer by entering your www.via-movil.es account. If you wish, you can also make a deposit by purchasing a prepaid top-up from a ticket machine and entering the purchase code in your account.

Once the money is deposited in your virtual wallet, you can choose the kind of ticket you want to buy. Choose the option ‘Buy now’ and select the ticket type. The ticket fare will be discounted from your balance and, the ticket will be immediately available for use in the application.

Travelling with Vía-Móvil is simple. Enter ‘My Tickets’ and choose the ticket with which you wish to travel.

Press the ‘travel’ button – Vía-Móvil will go into camera mode.

Aim and capture the QR code you’ll find inside the tram and in a few seconds you’ll receive confirmation that your journey has been correctly validated on a receipt on your mobile phone.

Easy and convenient…


Real time Messages

You’ll get real time information on special offers, service up-dates, etc.

More flexible fares

As we get to know your travel needs better, our fares will adapt more to your use.

Simply with your smartphone

No need for cards or printed tickets. Simply with your smartphone. Forget paper!

Additional information

You can check timetables and real time service frequency.

Payment for others

The application allows you to pay for others to travel.


A completely safe payment method.

In the ‘cloud’

Your purchases and tickets will always be available in the cloud, even if you change mobiles.


Buy your tickets anywhere, with your mobile or computer.


Mobile Application


The app is available to download from the Apple Store for iphone or Google Play Store for Android.

Find “via-movil” in any of the app stores and download it. It’s a very light app and occupies very little memory.

The app is compatible with “voice over” to make access as simple as possible.

App Web site

  • Manage your profile from the “via.movil” web site.

  • Organise your tickets, check your balance and transactions.

  • Top up your virtual wallet to go on buying.

  • Check fares and tickets.

  • From anywhere and from any device, it’s all in the cloud.

  • Deposit money in the virtual wallet of others.


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